This collection includes the first three short stories in the explosive, action-packed, award-winning action thriller series Seventeen

First Death

Discover where it all started…

1570. Carpathian Mountains, Moldavia.

Ten-year-old Lucas’s life is a simple but happy one. All that changes when the Hunters finally track down his whereabouts.

Forced to bear witness to horrific scenes that forever shatter his innocence, he discovers the shocking secret behind his less than ordinary existence. What follows is a fight for survival that will define the nature of a boy bound to an incredible destiny whose origins have been lost to the tides of time.

Dancing Blades

1624. Edo period. Japan.

When hunted half-breed immortal Lucas Soul hears the tales of legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto, he sails to Japan to convince the great man to take him on as an apprentice.

Musashi refuses to agree to his request, leaving Soul with no option but to shadow the samurai and repeatedly challenge him to duel, in the hope of proving his worth. But things takes a sinister turn when Soul stumbles upon a plot that threatens the life of Musashi’s son.

Can the immortal rescue the young man and change the master’s mind?

Join Soul as he embarks on an exciting adventure that sees him grow as a warrior and gain the respect of the greatest samurai who has ever lived.

The Meeting

Discover the origins of the incredible friendship that defines Hunted…

On a hot summer’s day in Boston, US Marine turned Homicide Detective Reid Halsey finds himself in the middle of a deadly shootout with a murder suspect.

When Lucas Soul, a seemingly innocent victim, rises from the dead moments after a fatal gunshot wound to the head, Reid comes to the shocking realization that the world he believes in may very well be a carefully fabricated lie masking an unearthly reality.


“A.D. Starrling really knows how to capture an audience with her stories and keep you wanting more.” — Amazon review

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