Welcome to Division Eight, an elite tactical unit whose existence is cloaked in secrecy.  Made up of the best operatives from US intelligence agencies and military special ops, they answer only to the Director of National Intelligence and the President. Their mandate is simple. To deal with anyone and anything that challenge the interests and security of the U.S. and its allies, anywhere in the world. 

    You don’t apply to be a member of the “Crazy Eights”.

    You get asked.


    “Fast, near breathless pacing!” — Amazon Review

    “A serious talent for writing action thrillers.” — Bambi Unbridled

    “If you like fast-paced thrillers, combat, and convert ops, then this book is for you!” — Amazon Review

    “Exciting, thrill-packed, and just plain fun to read.” — Amazon Review

    A broken agent. A once in a lifetime chance. A new mission that threatens to destroy her again.

    Rachel Carter has it all. A brilliant career in the DEA, a man she loves at her side, a future filled with possibilities. Until the night she loses everything.

    Considered damaged beyond salvation by the people who once trusted her, Rachel enlists into the secretive Division Eight and becomes part of a new breed of special operatives working in the shadows.

    When a critical mission goes wrong in North Africa, Rachel finds herself face to face with ghosts from her past. Embroiled in a deadly cat-and-mouse game against a brutal adversary determined to win at any cost, she must face her darkest fears in order to defeat the enemy who once tore her life apart.

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    “I have read everything to date by this author, and anxiously await her next book.” — Amazon review

    “Filled with adrenaline-pumping military action and great suspense! An awesome, quick, and fascinating read!” — Amazon review

    “AD Starrling rocks Black Ops!” — Amazon review

    “A must read military thriller!” — Amazon review

    A man tortured by his past. A woman determined to save him. A deadly assignment that threatens to rip them apart. 

    Eight months after falling in love with Alex Slade, the Army Ranger she rescued from an infamous drug cartel, U.S. Marine Lieutenant Vivian Thorpe is approached to be his second in command of ARMOR, the first team in a new shadowy black ops section called Division Eight. She agrees but has one condition: she will only give ARMOR six months.

    With the deadline fast approaching, the pair find themselves heading to Africa with their team. Their mission: to assist an undercover CIA operative who may have unearthed the hottest lead on African arms trafficking in decades. When they fail to make contact with the agent, ARMOR discovers a chain of bloody evidence that leads them across the dark continent on the trail of a notorious arms dealer who may prove to be their toughest adversary yet. 

    With their enemy always one step ahead of them, Alex and Vivian must ignore the growing storm inside their hearts and call on all their strength and wit to lead ARMOR on one of the most dangerous assignments they have ever undertaken. 

    Will they survive long enough for Vivian to convince Alex that she is the perfect woman for him? 

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