Hana Mae Jin does not believe in magic. Unfortunately, magic believes in her.

When the hospital where Mae Jin works is attacked by monsters and her best friend Rose is killed, a power the mortuary assistant never knew she possessed awakens, sending a wave of magic across New York that has unforeseen repercussions.

Nikolai Stanisic has only one wish. To stop his brother Oscar and their father the Sorcerer King from carrying out the dreadful scheme that began the night they killed his mother. His only chance at success lies with rousing the soul of the being his father fears the most: the rightful Witch Queen fated to save the world of magic and rule over it.

Trust in a fantastical realm hidden from normal human eyes, Mae soon learns of her mythical past and the incredible destiny that awaits her. Armed with the weapon and the familiar who were once promised to her, she joins forces with Nikolai and Vlad Vissarion, a seductive Russian mobster who wants to stop a demon-infested gang allied with the Dark Council from taking over the city’s criminal underworld.

With the New York coven and a pair of mysterious magic users from Chicago at their sides, Mae, Nikolai, and Vlad soon find themselves facing an enemy far more vicious than they could ever have imagined and uncover a terrifying plot set in motion by the Sorcerer King and the Dark Council.


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It’s all fun and games until someone pisses off a Witch Queen…

Weeks following the events that led to her awakening and her initiation into the New York coven as the Witch Queen prophesized to rule the world of magic, Mae Jin is still trying to get a semblance of her life back together. But disaster strikes when her apartment gets attacked by ghouls, driving her into the thick of the action as she helps Nikolai Stanisic figure out the origins and purpose of a mysterious skeleton key that falls into his hands by accident. A key the Dark Council was guarding.

Forced to travel to Philadelphia for the Annual Grand Meeting of all covens, Mae finds herself treading a fine line amidst the cutthroat politics of the covenstead and the senior witches and sorcerers who wish to put a leash on her. When they discover that local magic users have gone missing, Mae, Nikolai, Vlad, and the others stumble upon a link between the disappearances and the skeleton key.

After Nikolai’s brother Oscar and the demon Barquiel steal a sacred grimoire from the covenstead, Mae realizes all the incidents are connected and that there is a traitor amongst them. With help from some unlikely allies, Mae and her friends rush headlong into a race to uncover the secret behind the skeleton key and the book of spells. Will they figure out the Dark Council’s wicked scheme before all is lost?

Nerves will be frayed. Steak will get eaten. Snark will be committed.


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Something dark is brewing in Europe…

Weeks after the events in Philadelphia that saw them come face to face with the Sorcerer King, Mae Jin resumes her job as a mortuary assistant at Grandview General and Nikolai Stanisic goes to Prague to train with the Council of the Moon. When Mae stumbles upon something strange during an autopsy and more dead bodies with similar findings turn up, she soon realizes their enemy is up to no good again.

Meanwhile, Vlad Vissarion is approached by an infamous Colombian cartel demanding an introduction to Budimir Volkov, one of his Bratva’s most senior generals. A man he knows harbors ill feelings toward him by virtue of their shared past.

When Budimir’s grandson Roman is ambushed and kidnapped by Oscar Beneventi, a chain of events ensues that results in Nikolai and his familiar Alastair absorbing a dangerous new power into their bodies.

New and deadly allies come to the fore as everyone converges on Prague to stop the Dark Council’s next scheme. Will Mae, Nikolai, and Vlad be able to save Roman from Oscar and Barquiel’s clutches and uncover their nefarious intentions? Or will the Sorcerer King succeed in moving one step closer to his goals?


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How do you defeat an enemy you cannot see?

After returning from Prague, a strange attack by hellbeasts leaves Mae Jin and her allies puzzled. Their suspicions of the Dark Council’s involvement in the incident are roused when a reception attended by Mae, Nikolai Stanisic, and Vlad Vissarion take a turn for the worse. But it isn’t until Mae unwittingly triggers an unknown spell in a church that she realizes the full extent of their foe’s plans.

Overnight, the memories of almost everyone she knows is wiped out by the enemy’s sorcery and the magical realm turns against her, making her the country’s most wanted fugitive.

With assistance from an unexpected source, Mae, Nikolai, and Vlad must track down those who possess knowledge of the rare magic she unleashed.

With only two days left to foil the Dark Council’s sinister scheme, will Mae and Nikolai be able to reverse the spell before it’s too late?


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