Destiny Playlist

And finally we come to the end. The playlist for Destiny is an homage to all the previous ones and to your favorite characters from the Seventeen series. One soundtrack that stands out and helped me write many of the scenes in this book was Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and the wonderful music of Daniel Pemberton. So hit play, close your eyes, and enjoy.

1. Prologue. Dark Ages – Two Steps from Hell – Skyworld. For the One Hiding in the Shadows.

2. Chapter One. Feel Invincible – Skillet – Unleashed. For a Happy Reunion Part I.

3. Chapter Two. Tear the Blue – Parabelle – Starry Eyes. For a Happy Reunion Part II.

4. Chapter Three. All around me -Flyleaf – Flyleaf + Inferni – Thomas Bergensen – Vanquish + Day of the Dead- Hollywood Undead. For a Brutal Attack Part I.

5. Chapter Four. Day of the Dead- Hollywood Undead. For a Brutal Attack Part II.

6. Chapter Five. Forget – Sevendust – Kill the Flaw + In the Dark – Flyleaf – Memento Mori + Growing up Londinium – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For a Rescue Attempt.

7. Chapter Six. Salvation – Two Steps from Hell – Classics 2. For Their Imprisonment.

8. Chapter Seven. The Secret – Our Waking Hour – Seconds to Save Her. For the Start of the Hunt.

9. Chapter Eight. Darkest Part – Red – of Beauty and Rage + Fall of the Fountain World – Nick Phoenix – Vanquish. For Stark Revelations Part I.

10. Chapter Nine. Tension – Korn – The Path of Totality + Against You – Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline. For Stark Revelations Part II.

11. Chapter Ten. Turin – Nick Phoenix – Vanquish. For a Confrontation and a First Look at the Enemy.

12. Chapter Eleven. Violence Fetish – Disturbed – The Sickness. For a Painful Resonance.

13. Chapter Twelve. Sorrow – Flyleaf – Flyleaf + Break – Oceans Divide. For Sorrow and a Stark Realization.

14. Chapter Thirteen. Haze – Device. For a Dark Deed and a Resolution. 

15. Chapter Fourteen. Confession -Red – Innocence & Instinct. For a Dark Truth and a New Conviction.

16. Chapter Fifteen. The River – Thousand Foot Krutch – Exhale. For a Dramatic Confrontation Part I.

17. Chapter Sixteen. Been to Hell – Hollywood Undead – American Tragedy. For a Dramatic Confrontation Part II.

18. Chapter Seventeen. Make Believe – The Veer Union – Decade. For a Dramatic Confrontation Part III.

19. Chapter Eighteen. The Devil & The Daughter – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For a Most Dreadful Deed.

20. Chapter Nineteen. The Darklands – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For an Unexpected Awakening.

21. Chapter Twenty. The Wolf & The Hanged Men – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For a Most Unusual Meeting.

22. Chapter Twenty-One. The Unwanted – The Veer Union – Decade. For the Start of a Plan.

23. Chapter Twenty-Two. Ten Thousand Fists – Disturbed. For Allies and a Vision.

24. Chapter Twenty-Three. Tower & Power – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For Dark Truths Part I.

25. Chapter Twenty-Four. Fateful Night – Two Steps from Hell – Classics 2. For Dark Truths Part II.

26. Chapter Twenty-Five. Vilify – Device. For a Battle Part I.

27. Chapter Twenty-Six. The Resistance – Skillet – Unleashed. For a Battle Part II.

28. Chapter Twenty-Seven. Whole World’s Crazy – Art of Dying – Vices and Virtues + The Story of Mordred – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For a Meeting of Allies and a Premonition.

29. Chapter Twenty-Eight. Move – Thousand foot Krutch – Deja Vu + Revolution – Oceans Divide. For a Battle Part III.

30. Chapter Twenty-Nine. Fireball – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For Dreadful Realizations. 

31. Chapter Thirty. The Lady in the Lake – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur + Let You Down – Three Days Grace. For an Unusual Alliance Part I and an Interrogation Part I.

32. Chapter Thirty-One. Impostor – Red – of Beauty and Rage + Dangerous (feat. Linea)- Thomas Bergersen – Vanquish. For the Enemy’s Dramatic Unveiling and an Interrogation Part II. 

33. Chapter Thirty-Two. Going Under – Trapt – Reborn + The Born King – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For a Wrong Decision and the Enemy’s Dark Resolution.

34. Chapter Thirty-Three. Sons of Plunder – Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists. For a Battle Part IV.

35. Chapter Thirty-Four. Watch You Lose – The Veer Union – Decade + This is It – Staind – The Illusion of Progress. For an Unusual Alliance Part II and a Battle Plan.

36. Chapter Thirty-Five. Fearless – Thomas Bergensen – Sun. For a Reunion of Souls.

37. Chapter Thirty-Six. Run Londinium – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For the Opening Salvo Part I.

38. Chapter Thirty-Seven. Warrior – Disturbed – Asylum + Hero – Skillet – Awake. For the Opening Salvo Part II.

39. Chapter Thirty-Eight. Hear Me Now – Hollywood Undead – America Tragedy + Die Trying – Art of Dying – Vices and Virtues. For an Escape Part I and the Start of the Final Battle.

40. Chapter Thirty-Nine. Fire Fire – Flyleaf – New Horizons. For an Unexpected Rescue and a Show of Force.

41. Chapter Forty. I Get Wicked – Thousand Foot Krutch – The End is Where We Begin. For the End of a Villain and an Escape Part II.

42. Chapter Forty-One. Bitter End – The Veer Union -Divide the Blackened Sky. For the Final Battle Part I.

43. Chapter Forty-Two. These Hands – Fades Away – Perceptions + United We Stand, Divide We Fall — Two Steps from Hell – Archangel. For a Clash of Kings and the Final Battle Part II.

44. Chapter Forty-Three. Mythic (feat. Felicia Farerre) – Two Steps from Hell – Classics 2 + Defying Gravity – The Veer Union – Decade. For Loss and Fury.

45. Chapter Forty-Four. The Devil & The Daughter – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For the Final Confrontation.

46. Chapter Forty-Five. The Devil & The Daughter – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For an Unexpected Meeting and Final Goodbyes.

47. Chapter Forty-Six. The Born King – Daniel Pemberton – King Arthur. For a Show of Force and a Most Dramatic Deed.

Epilogue and End Credits. Fearless – Thomas Bergensen – Sun + Final Frontier – Thomas Bergensen – Sun. For an Ending and a Beginning.