Empire Playlist

This is the music that inspired many of the scenes in the book. I elaborate on the significance of each individual song and post a video on my blog every Tuesday afternoon. This playlist rocks my socks off and does not feature puppies, kittens, or unicorns. Enjoy!

1. Prologue. Across the Sky – Emilie Autumn. For the First Beginning – Ottoman Empire.

2. Chapter One. The Night – Disturbed. For the Second Beginning – Kingdom of England.

3-4. Chapter Two. Just Stop + This is Fear – Disturbed. For the Call to Adventure (AKA The Plane Crash).

5. Chapter Three – Chapter Four. Shadows – Red. For Goodbyes. 

6. Chapter Five. Fight Inside – Red. For Memories. 

7-8. Chapter Six. In the Shadow – Evans Blue + Lose It All – BullerProof Messenger. For Bitter Reflections and Rising Tension.

9-12. Chapter Seven. Pain Redefined – Disturbed + Mystery of You – Red + Sick – Adelitas way + Lipstick Lies – Oceans Divide. For the Race to the Stadium, Their Meeting, and a Gathering of Assassins.

13-14. Chapter Eight. Die Trying – Art of Dying + Breathe into Me – Red. For the Kill and the Aftermath.

15-16. Chapter Nine. Love Hate Relationship – Trapt + Confession – Red. For an Uncomfortable Interrogation and Some Painful Truths.

17-18. Chapter Ten. Against you – Lacuna Coil + Cage The Beast – Adelitas Way. For Nefarious Schemes and a Reluctant Alliance.

19. Chapter Eleven. Wide Awake – 32 Leaves. For a Fresh Mission.

20-21. Chapter Twelve. UpsideDown – Lacuna Coil + Just Run – Digital Summer. For A Close Encounter and a Desperate Chase. 

22. Chapter Thirteen. Broken Wing – Thousand Foot Krutch. For Chaos.

23. Chapter Fourteen. The Collapse – Adelitas Way. For Strange Discoveries and a Trip Across the Seas.

24. Chapter Fifteen and Chapter Sixteen. Another Way to Die – Disturbed. For Disturbing Findings and Fighting Fate.

25. Chapter Seventeen. Give Me Something More – Lacuna Coil. For Troubling Conversations and a Clue.

26-29. Chapter Eighteen. Scream – Adelitas Way + Tongue-Tied – Earshot + Inhuman – Thousand Foot Krutch + The Worst Way – Cinder Road. For a Capture and a Night of Passion.

30-32. Chapter Nineteen and Chapter Twenty. Violence Fetish – Disturbed + I’m Not Afraid – Lacuna Coil + Heavenly Answer – BulletProof Messenger. For First Contact.

33. Chapter Twenty-One. To The Edge – Lacuna Coil. For More Clues and Deadly Conclusions.

34. Chapter Twenty-Two. Wait – Earshot. For Set Backs and Despair.

35-36. Chapter Twenty-Three. Daylight Dancer + Fragile – Lacuna Coil. For a Visit to the Past and the Start of It All.

37-38. Chapter Twenty-Four.  Blind Man – Black Stone Cherry + Beyond the Stars – Evans Blue. For When Past Meets Present and Fresh Revelations. 

39. Chapter Twenty-Five. The Army Inside – Lacuna Coil. For a Shadowy Mission Part I.

40. Chapter Twenty-Six. Revolution – Oceans Divide. For a Shadowy Mission Part II.

41-42. Chapter Twenty-Seven. Paradise Lost – Hollywood Undead + Break – Oceans Divide. For an Unpredictable Disaster.

43-44. Chapter Twenty-Eight. Sickened – Disturbed and This Time It’s Different – Evans Blue. For Final Revelations.

45-47. Chapter Twenty-Nine. Best of Me – BulletProof Messenger + Going Under -Trapt + Where is The Edge – Within Temptation. For the Final Battle.

48. Chapter Thirty and Epilogue. Live Forever – Farewell Disaster. For Unexpected Endings.

49. End Credits. Rapture – Hurt.