Legacy Playlist

This is the amazing music that inspired many of the scenes in Legacy. I will be posting one video every Friday on my blog where I explain the significance of each individual song to the storyline. This playlist is one of the best in the series so far. Enjoy!

1. Prologue. These Hands – Fades Away. For a Hunt and an Icy Tomb.

2. Chapter One. Not Gonna Die – Skillet. For a Capture and a Dark Prison.

3. Chapter Two. Driven – Sevendust + Hit The Floor – Thousand Foot Krutch. For a Desperate Escape Part I. 

4. Chapter Three. Hit the Floor – Thousand Foot Krutch. For a Desperate Escape Part II.

5. Chapter Four. Move – Thousand Foot Krutch. For a Most Callous Act and a Shocking Meeting.

6. Chapter Five. Silent Gun – The Veer Union. For a Horrible Truth.

7. Chapter Six. The Secret – Our Waking Hour. For a Fearful Revelation.

8. Chapter Seven. Suffocate – Daybreak Embrace. For Explosive Confrontations.

9-10. Chapter Eight. The Only – Static X + Black Out The Sun – Sevendust. For a Dark Introduction and a Bittersweet Trip.

11. Chapter Nine. Crucial Line – BulletProof Messenger. For Further Revelations Part I. 

12. Chapter Ten. This Fantasy – BulletProof Messenger. For Further Revelations Part II.

13. Chapter Eleven. Tear the Blue – Parabelle. For a Shocking Conclusion.

14. Chapter Twelve. Haze – Device. For a Game of Cat and Mouse.

15. Chapter Thirteen. Disease – Ghosts of August. For Fresh Encounters in Enemy Territory. 

16. Chapter Fourteen. Sin with A Grin – Shinedown. For a Desperate Escape and Strange Companions.

17. Chapter Fifteen. Courtesy Call – Thousand Foot Krutch. For Further Revelations Part III.

18-19. Chapter Sixteen. Let You Down – Three Days Grace + Do I – Emphatic. For Disturbing Realizations.

20. Chapter Seventeen. Adrenaline – Nine Lashes. For a Trap and a Vicious Confrontation.

21-22. Chapter Eighteen. You Think You Know – Device + Walk Away – The Epidemic. For Dark Deeds and a Safe Haven.

23-24. Chapter Nineteen. Divide the Blackened Sky – The Veer Union + Bring Me To Life – BulletProof Messenger. For Darkening Skies and an Intimate Partnership.

25-26. Chapter Twenty. Lost – Red + Stolen – The Veer Union. For a Fated Union and a Vital Clue.  

27-29. Chapter Twenty-One. Salvation – Skillet + Get Paid – Emphatic + Wake Up Call by BulletProof Messenger. For the Morning After the Night Before, the Enemy Closing In, and the Search for Answers. 

30. Chapter Twenty-Two. Madness in Me – Skillet. For a Fight with the Enemy.

31. Chapter Twenty-Three. Get Away – Earshot. For a Further Uncovering of Clues.

32-34. Chapter Twenty-Four. I Will Remain – The Veer Union + Nothing Can Save Us Now – Deepfield + Awaken – BulletProof Messenger. For Harsh Consequences and the Beginning of Despair. 

35. Chapter Twenty-Five. The Last Days of Life – The Veer Union. For Painful Confessions and Grateful Companions.

36-37. Chapter Twenty-Six. Move – Adelitas Way + Vilify – Device. For New Alliances and a Most Terrible Deed.

38. Chapter Twenty-Seven. Borderline – The Veer Union. For an Awakening.

39. Chapter Twenty-Eight. The Bitter End – The Veer Union. For the Beginning of the End. 

40. Chapter Twenty-Nine. I Get Wicked – Thousand Foot Krutch. For The Final Battle Part I.

41. Chapter Thirty. Whole World’s Crazy – The Art of Dying. For The Final Battle Part II.

42. Chapter Thirty-One. Light Up The Sky – Thousand Foot Krutch. For the Final Battle Part III.

43. Epilogue and End Credits. Blow It Away (Just To Feel) – Deepfield. For an Incredible Meeting and The Wheels of Fate.