Origins Playlist

In 2016, a close author friend introduced me to the fabulous duo that is Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergensen. Together, they are Two Steps From Hell, a group whose music will now forever inspire my writing. This is the playlist that formed a crucial part of the writing process for Origins. Below, I list the applicable tracks for each chapter. This playlist is very special to me.

1. Prologue. The Agoge – Tyler Bates – 300. For when It all began.

2. Chapter One. Tree of the Dead – Tyler Bates – 300. For when a Man went into the Desert.

3. Chapter Two. No Sleep Tonight – Tyler Bates – 300. For when the Man met One who was not of this World.

4. Chapter Three. Fight in the Shade – Tyler Bates – 300. For The Revelation Part I.

5. Chapter Four. Xerxes’ Tent – Tyler Bates – 300. For The Revelation Part II.

6-7. Chapter Five. Rada – Thomas Bergensen- Illusions + To Jerusalem – Kingdom of Heaven. For Mila and the Musings of a Warrior.

8-9. Chapter Six. Returning the Crown  + Fate has smiled upon us – Mark Streitenfeld – Robin Hood. For the Welcome Parade.

10-11. Chapter Seven. Cursed by Beauty + Tonight We Dine in Hell – Tyler Bates – 300. For when Mila saves the Slave Boy and the King assigns her a Most Dreadful Mission.

12-13. Chapter Eight. Preparing for Battle + John is King – Mark Streitenfeld – Robin Hood. For the Journey to Hazaara and Mila’s encounter with the Archer.

14. Chapter Nine. Battleborne – Two Steps from Hell – Battlecry. For Hazaara Part I.

15. Chapter Ten. District 9 – Clinton Shorter. For Hazaara Part II.

16-17. Chapter Eleven. Submission -Tyler Bates – 300 + Godfrey – Mark Streitenfeld – Robin Hood. For the Reflections of an Immortal King and the First Act of Defiance.

18. Chapter Twelve.  The Siege – Mark Streitenfeld – Robin Hood. For the Siege of Laothal.

19-20. Chapter Thirteen.  Ambush- Mark Streitenfeld – Robin Hood + The Council Chamber – Tyler Bates – 300. For the Reunion at Nawaar.

21-22. Chapter Fourteen. There is a God in You – Clash of the Titans + A God King Bleeds – Tyler Bates – 300. For Mila’s Return and Hope.

23-24. Chapter Fifteen. Freedom Fighters + Moving Mountains – Two Steps from Hell – Invincible. For a Dance of Blades and a Shocking Confrontation.

25-27. Chapter Sixteen. Our Last Hope – Two Steps from Hell – Skyworld + No Mercy + Returns a King – Tyler Bates – 300. For a Night of Dreadful Confessions and an Unforgivable Act.

28-29. Chapter Seventeen. Velocitron + Fire Nation – Two Steps From Hell – Invincible. For the Flight from the Citadel and the Meeting with a most unlikely Ally.

30. Chapter Eighteen. Invincible -Two Steps from Hell – Invincible. For the City Hidden in the Mountains and a Gathering of Freedom Fighters.

31-32. Chapter Nineteen. The Final Arrow – Mark Streitenfeld – Robin Hood + Red Tower – Two Steps from Hell – Battlecry. For the Archer who was More than an Ordinary Man and the Passage to the Heart of the Alliance. 

33-35. Chapter Twenty.   The Breath of Ran Gor – Two Steps from Hell – Invincible + 3200 Years Ago – James Horner – Troy + Hector’s Death – James Horner – Troy. For a Hostile Welcome and a Royal Funeral.

36-37. Chapter Twenty-One. A Small Measure of Peace – The Last Samurai + Immortals Battle – Tyler Bates – 300. For a King’s Harsh Words and a Warrior’s Choice.

38. Chapter Twenty-Two. Dark Ages – Two Steps from Hell – Skyworld. For the Arena Part I.

39. Chapter Twenty-Three. Starvation – Thomas Bergensen – Illusions. For the Arena Part II.

40-41. Chapter Twenty-Four. What Must a King Do? – Tyler Bates – 300 + Sherwood Forest – Marc Streitenfeld – Robin Hood. For a King’s Apology and a General’s Predicament.

42-43. Chapter Twenty-Five. Lucian and Sonja’s Love Theme – Paul Haslinger – Underworld + Fever Dream – Tyler Bates – 300. For a Union of Hearts and Souls.

44-46. Chapter Twenty-Six. The Way of the Sword – The Last Samurai + Realm of Power – Two Steps from Hell  – Skyworld + The Legend Begins – Marc Streitenfeld – Robin Hood. For the First Steps to War.

47. Chapter Twenty-Seven. Norwegian Pirate – Two Steps from Hell – Archangel. For Kadavan Part I.

Unfeatured on this playlist, this is the song for Chapter Twenty-Eight. War Opening Titles – Brian Tyler – War. For Kadavan Part II.

48-49. Chapter Twenty-Nine. Mountains from Water – Two Steps from Hell – Archangel + Colors of Love – Thomas Bergensen – Sun. For a Meeting of Foes and a Night under the Stars.

50. Chapter Thirty. Wolf King – Two Steps from Hell – Battlecry (+ The Fall of Rome – Kerry Muzzey – unfeatured on this playlist). For a Painful Reunion and an Immortal King’s Dreadful Deed.

51-52. Chapter Thirty-One. Tonight We Dine in Hell + Glory – Tyler Bates – 300. For a Meeting of Kin and the Rage of Loss.

53-54. Chapter Thirty-Two. The Wolf – Tyler Bates -300 + Fire Nation – Two Steps from Hell – Invincible. For a Traitor’s Revelations and the Beginning of the End.

55-56. Chapter Thirty-Three. Outpost -Two Steps from Hell -Battlecry + Xerxes’ Final Offer -Tyler Bates – 300. For a Most Callous Act and a Congregation of Allies. 

57-58. Chapter Thirty-Four. United We Stand, Divided We Fall  – Two Steps from Hell – Archangel + Fearless – Thomas Bergensen – Sun. For the First Battle and a Show of Force.

59-60. Chapter Thirty-Five. Strength of a Thousand Men – Two Steps from Hell – Archangel + Always Mine – Thomas Bergensen – Sun. For an Immortal King’s Dark Scheme and the Progress of War. 

61-62. Chapter Thirty-Six. The Last Stand  – Two Steps from Hell – Archangel   + All is Hell That Ends Well  – Two Steps from Hell – Archangel. For the Last Stand and the Final Battle.

63. Chapter Thirty-Seven. Mythic – Two Steps from Hell – Classics Vol 2. For a Timeless Goodbye and the Warrior’s Final Act.

64. Epilogue – Across the Blood Water – Two Steps From Hell. For the Rise of New Empires and the Birth of Legends.

65. End Credit. Dragonland – Thomas Bergensen – Sun. For What is Still to Come.