Warrior Playlist

This is the music that inspired many of the scenes in the book. I elaborate on the significance of each individual song and post a video on my blog every Tuesday afternoon. This one is even louder that the Hunted playlist.

1. Warrior – Disturbed. Alexa’s theme song.

2. Prologue. Skin to Bone – Linkin Park. For the Battle of Narva.

3. Chapter One. This is It – Staind. For Dimitri’s discovery in Egypt.

4. Chapter Two. The Consequence – You Me At Six. For our first meeting with Alexa.

5-6. Chapter Four. Disposable Sunshine – Loser + Born to Lead – Hoobastank. For Alexa and Jackson’s journey to the Eastern Desert Mountains and Safaga.

7. Get Thru This – Art of Dying. A generic song for when Alexa and Jackson get into trouble.

8-9. Chapter Five. Without a Fight – Hoobastank + Enemy – Drowning Pool. For the Suez Canal boat trip and Port Said. 

10. Chapter Six. Hero – Skillet. For Alexa’s first encounter with the enemy.

11. Chapter Seven. Monster -Paramore. For Alexa’s dawning realization that their mission just got complicated.

12. Chapter Eight. Burning Down The House – The Used. For Adana.

13. Serpentine – Disturbed. For Alexa’s darker moments.

14. Chapter Nine. Deceiver – Disturbed. For Istanbul Part I – Beyoglu.

15-17. Chapter Ten-Eleven. Run – Disturbed + Natural Born Killer – Avenged Sevenfold + Monster – Disturbed. For Istanbul Part II – Chase and Fight.

18. Chapter Twelve. Our Truth – Lacuna Coil. For Istanbul Part III – Revelations.

19. Chapter Thirteen. Two Worlds – Disturbed. For Contemplations.

20. Chapter Fourteen. The Heart of Everything – Within Temptation. For Vatican City Part I – Unwelcome Truths.

21. Chapter Fifteen-Sixteen. Path to Decay – Sirenia. For Vatican City Part II – The Chase.

22-23. Chapter Seventeen. Tension – Korn + Real World – The All-American Rejects. The Buddha and the Sect.

24.  Chapter Eighteen-Nineteen. Thick as Thieves – Cavo. For London Part I – Discovery.

25-26. Chapter Twenty. Sons of Plunder + Land of Confusion – Disturbed. For London Part II – Fight.

27. Old Friend – Disturbed. A generic song.

28. Chapter Twenty-One. Spellbound – Lacuna Coil. For London Part III – First Night.

29. Chapter Twenty-Two. Contagious Chemistry – You Me At Six. For Paris and Sumava.

30. Chapter Twenty-Three to Chapter Twenty-Four. Intoxicated – Lacuna Coil. For The Lab and the Second Night.

31. Chapter Twenty-Five. The Truth Beneath The Rose – Within Temptation. For the Discovery.

32. Almost Easy – Avenged Sevenfold. A generic song.

33-35. Chapter Twenty-Six. Ten Thousand Fists + The Curse – Disturbed and The Swarm – You Mie At Six. For Budapest.

36-38. Chapter Twenty-Seven.  Stricken – Disturbed + Awake and Alive – Skillet + Die For You – Megan McCauley. For the Return to Sumava and Their Confessions.

39-41. Chapter Twenty-Eight. Stay With Me – You Me At Six + Sacred Lie – Disturbed + The Howling – Within Temptation. For the Journey East.

42-44. Chapter Twenty-Nine. I’m Alive + Haunted + The Animal- Disturbed. For the Awakening.

45. Chapter Thirty. Final Destination – Within Temptation. For the Journey into Enemy Territory.

46-47. Chapter Thirty-One. Solemn Hour – Within Temptation + Warrior – Disturbed. For the Final Battle Part I.

48-58. Chapter Thirty-Two. Stand My Ground – Disturbed + Deify – Disturbed + Not Ready to Die – Avenged Sevenfold + Whispers in the Dark – Skillet + The Other Side – Sirenia + Rebirthing – Skillet + Lost It All – Avenged Sevenfold + Hell – Disturbed + I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow – Lacuna Coil + The Cross – Within Temptation + What Have You Done Now – Within Temptation feat Keith Caputo. For The Final Battle Part II and The Return to Perm and Boston.

59. Chapter Thirty-Three. Angels -Within Temptation. For Broken Hopes and Last Chances.

60. Epilogue. Swamped – Lacuna Coil. For The Reunion.

61. End Credits. Trip The Darkness – Lacuna Coil.