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Today, I am pleased to welcome Victor Dvorsky, one of the most influential characters from my novel Soul Meaning, to the interview room. He’s currently on business in the area and managed to spare a few minutes in his busy schedule to fit me in.
AD: Good morning, Mr. Dvorsky. 
Victor: Good morning. Victor will do. 
AD: Oh. Er, thanks. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Victor: *leans back in the chair and crosses his legs* What would you like to know? 
AD: Hmm, well, stuff like where you were born and things?
Victor: I was born in Vienna, in 1306. My father, Roman Dvorsky, is a Bastian noble and an advisor to the Bastian First Council. My mother, Elena, was also a Bastian noble. She died when I was fifty. She was a victim of the Red Death, the plague that decimated the immortal races during the 14th century. 
AD: I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have brothers and sisters?
Victor: No. But I was quite close to my godfather’s children. 
AD: That would be Tomas Godard, the Bastian noble who used to be Head of the Order of Bastian Hunters?
Victor: Yes. 
AD: I hear that you were in love with Godard’s eldest daughter, Catarine. Is that correct?
Victor: Yes. 
AD: Are you involved in a relationship with anyone at the moment? 
Victor: *smiles faintly* A gentleman doesn’t tell. 
AD: So, that’s a yes? 
Victor: Let’s just say that I am neither a priest, nor a saint. 
AD: *blushes furiously at Dvorsky’s grin* What are your feelings with regards to Lucas Soul?
Victor: He is Catarine’s son. I regard him as my godchild. 
AD: I hear that you attempted to save Lucas and his parents when the Hunters found them ten years after they went into hiding. Why did you go against the wishes of the Bastian First Council and your father, the Head of the Bastian Hunters at the time? 
Victor: I always thought that the law prohibiting the union of a Crovir and a Bastian was obsolete. So did Tomas Godard, especially after Catarine fell in love with Balthazar Thorne. Neither of us could stand aside and allow the Hunters to slaughter Catarine and Lucas. *pauses* And, although I hate to admit this, Balthazar was a good man. 
AD: Is it true that you saved Lucas from a pack of wolves soon after that incident?
Victor: Yes. 
AD: Wasn’t that, er, scary?
Victor: When you have lived as long as I have, you will see many more frightening things in this world than a pack of wolves. 
AD: You are best friends with someone who should technically be your enemy, the Crovir noble Dimitri Reznak. How did you two meet? 
Victor: Dimitri and I met during the Hundred Years’ War between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France. I was 40 at the time. He was a young looking 134. 
AD: Was this on the battlefield?
Victor: Yes. It was at the Battle of Crécy. I was on the side of the English King. 
AD: Who won? 
Victor: *smiles* The English won. As for me and Dimitri, it was a draw. We were evenly matched. 
AD: What is your current position in the Bastian First Council? 
Victor: I used to be the Head of the Counter Terrorism Section. I have recently been elected the Head of the Order of Bastian Hunters.
AD: Isn’t that the most powerful seat on the First Council?
Victor: It is.
AD: Doesn’t that make you the leader of your race?
Victor: *shrugs* Yes. But I don’t think of it that way. 
AD: Do you get on well with the other members of the First Council?
Victor: *smiles drily* We have…our differences. 
AD: I hear that you’ve represented the Bastian First Council in private meetings at the United Nations?
Victor: Correct. 
AD: What do you think of humans knowing about the existence of Immortals? 
Victor: A few millennia ago, most humans knew of our existence. Gradually, we became a myth that faded with the passage of time. It was inevitable that humans would eventually discover our existence again, especially with the evolution of information technology. When our forefathers realized this, they decided to make first contact with the most important human leaders at the time, so as to control the flow of information within human society. This was more than a dozen centuries ago. 
AD: How have most world leaders reacted to the news that immortals walk among us? 
Victor: It obviously comes as a shock for the vast majority. In recent memory, the only ones who did not seem that surprised were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Winston Churchill. 
AD: Er, weren’t they all Rosicrucians or Freemasons? 
Victor: I wouldn’t know. 
*A knock sounds at the door. A Bastian bodyguard steps inside the room* 
Victor: Excuse me. *smiles at me briefly before listening to the immortal whispering in his ear* I’m sorry, I have to cut this interview short. *frowns and stands up*
AD: Is everything all right?
Victor: *hesitates* No. Dimitri needs my help. There’s trouble in Russia. *pauses* Do you know anything about this?
AD: *smiles weakly* Maybe? 
Victor: *stares at me* I’ll take my leave then. 
AD: *squeaks* Er, okay. Goodbye! Have a safe trip!
*Door opens and closes*
AD: *sags in chair* Holy crap, I think I just peed in my pants…
I hope you enjoyed this little interlude with the current leader of the Bastian race. As you can tell, I find the man somewhat intimidating. If you want to find out why Victor is going to Russia, all will be revealed in King’s Crusade, the second novel in the series Seventeen. Meanwhile, catch up and get to know him in Soul Meaning
Happy reading, writing, and blogging!
AD Starrling

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