Fire & Earth

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SERIES: Legion Series #2
RELEASE DATE: July 20, 2019

L.A. is teeming with demons.

Only one man and his ragtag team of supernatural misfits can stop them.

Three weeks have passed since Artemus Steele discovered that he is part angel, brother to a twin he knew nothing about, and now technically the unwitting leader of a gang of freaks. Following an epic battle in New York that saw him and his new allies unearth the identity of the demonic organization the Vatican has been fighting for decades, all Artemus wants is for life to return to some semblance of normality – which is kinda hard when his home has been invaded by unwanted tenants.

Thrust into a role he never wanted, Haruki Kuroda, the new heir to L.A.’s most infamous Yakuza group, desires only one thing: to avenge the death of his older brother. After tracking down the sole witness to the brutal killing, Haruki’s path crosses that of Artemus and his friends in a confrontation that sees a new power awaken inside the Yakuza heir.

Destinies collide when Elton LeBlanc enlists Artemus and his team to help investigate a rise in demonic manifestation in L.A and uncover what Ba’al is up to in the City of Angels. But what they unearth is not what they were expecting. 

Because Ba’al is looking for something. And if they find it before Artemus and his allies, Hell will come to L.A.

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