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SERIES: Legion Series #6
RELEASE DATE: April 23, 2021

The Beginning of the End has never been so bittersweet…

In the wake of their latest battle against Ba’al, one thing has become clear to Artemus Steele and his companions. The demonic organization is intent on dragging Drake Hunter to Hell, come what may. While Karl LeBlanc’s warning continues to preoccupy Artemus and the other Guardians, strange earthquakes rock the four continents, the origins of which turn out to be more sinister than anyone could have anticipated. After an unexpected attack brings them face to face with an enemy they cannot defeat, they realize they could very well lose the war against Ba’al. But when a fallen archangel turns up on their doorstep with a new Guardian in tow, all bets are off. 

Having walked the Earth for thousands of years to atone for his sins, Solomon Weiss becomes the custodian of Jacob Schroeder, a young boy he discovers in the desert. Conscious that Jacob is host to a powerful divine beast, the former archangel brings the child to Chicago to meet his kin and to seek Artemus and the Guardians’ help in stopping the opening of Jacob’s gate. As Ba’al renews its attacks on Artemus and his companions, the suspicion Solomon has always harbored about his connection with Jacob is borne out, while the true nature of what links Artemus, Drake, and Smokey finally becomes shockingly clear. 

Will Hell claim Drake as it has always intended? Or can Solomon and Jacob tip the scales and help Artemus and the Guardians save the dark angel from his grim fate?

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