MARCH 18, 2013




And here’s the second stop on the book tour. Review with the lovely Layna + Giveaway at Lunar Haven RD! It’s a 4★ people!




Soul Meaning is a supernatural thriller that is jammed packed for of non-stop action. From the very first page, it draws the reader in. It immediately grabbed my attention and it continued till the very end. I was really surprised by how amazing Soul Meaning was. 


This book is about Lucas Soul who is an immortal half-breed. His parents were murdered before his very eyes just for having him and being traders to the Crovirs and Bastians. Soul is a private detective along side his mortal friend, Reid. After a century of peace, the Hunters are after Soul yet again.  Soul and Reid take on a case that a client had called in and when Soul goes to meet the client, he is killed, this being his fifteenth death.  After this, Soul and Reid hunt down the man who had killed Soul and rather than finding answers, they find themselves with more questions. 


I don’t want to go into a lot of detail because this book is packed full of plot twists and spoilers. I guess to find out more, you will just have to read the book. I was really pleased with how much this book surprised me and really drew me in. This isn’t a book that I would normally pick up and read, but I am glad that I did! Soul Meaning not only has action, but it also has a bit of romance in the book later on. I recommend it to those readers looking for a change of pace and tons of actions with an awesome plot and a few twists here and there. Soul Meaning is the first book in the Seventeen series and I can not wait for the second to come out! Not to mention that I am super excited about hosting the cover reveal for book two on April 22nd! 


I would like to thank A.D. Starrling for writing such an amazing read and allowing me the chance to host Soul Meaning! I look forward to hosting you again and continuing with the Seventeen series! 


4/5 Crescents 




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