Legion Series Collection 2: Books 4-7

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SERIES: Legion Series
RELEASE DATE: February 17, 2022

The final four novels in the urban fantasy series fans cannot get enough of! Grab Forsaken, Hallowed Ground, Heir, and Legion today.


Daniel Lenton is a shadow. Afflicted by a disease that weakened him as a child, the priest has dedicated his life to the church and wants nothing to do with Artemus and his friends. Not when such an association would risk exposing the lie he wants to keep buried. But when an ambush rouses Daniel’s beast to defend him against a monster, he is left with little choice but to embrace who he was born to be.

Hallowed Ground

Leah Chase knows that lying to her father about her secret meetings with her estranged grandmother will come and bite her in the ass some day. When she receives a mysterious pendant from her grandmother, Leah wonders whether her father had done the right thing keeping her from seeing her mother’s family after all. Because strange things are starting to happen around her. And she can feel the presence of an otherworldly being growing within her soul.


Having walked the Earth for thousands of years to atone for his sins, Solomon Weiss becomes the custodian of Jacob Schroeder, a young boy he discovers in the desert. Conscious that Jacob is host to a powerful divine beast, the former archangel brings the child to Chicago to meet his kin and to seek Artemus and the Guardians’ help in stopping the opening of Jacob’s gate. As Ba’al renews its attacks on Artemus and his companions, the suspicion Solomon has always harbored about his connection with Jacob is borne out, while the true nature of what links Artemus, Drake, and Smokey finally becomes shockingly clear.


Trapped in the Underworld, Drake Hunter must survive in a realm that no living human has ever set foot in before. Much to his surprise, he is rescued from the clutches of Ba’al’s leader by a demon who was once his enemy and soon finds himself in the company of the most unlikely group of allies he’s ever worked with. As Artemus and Drake gather their troops on Earth and in Hell, Satanael and Hell’s Council finally make their move to capture the two brothers and bring about the Apocalypse they have long wished for. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can Artemus and Drake defy the destiny Hell wishes to impose upon them? Or will they achieve the impossible and win the fight of their lives?

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