Of Flames and Crows

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SERIES: Witch Queen Series #3
RELEASE DATE: September 16, 2022

Something dark is brewing in Europe…

Weeks after the events in Philadelphia that saw them come face to face with the Sorcerer King, Mae Jin resumes her job as a mortuary assistant at Grandview General and Nikolai Stanisic goes to Prague to train with the Council of the Moon. When Mae stumbles upon something strange during an autopsy and more dead bodies with similar findings turn up, she soon realizes their enemy is up to no good again.

Meanwhile, Vlad Vissarion is approached by an infamous Colombian cartel demanding an introduction to Budimir Volkov, one of his Bratva’s most senior generals. A man he knows harbors ill feelings toward him by virtue of their shared past.

When Budimir’s grandson Roman is ambushed and kidnapped by Oscar Beneventi, a chain of events ensues that results in Nikolai and his familiar Alastair absorbing a dangerous new power into their bodies.

New and deadly allies come to the fore as everyone converges on Prague to stop the Dark Council’s next scheme. Will Mae, Nikolai, and Vlad be able to save Roman from Oscar and Barquiel’s clutches and uncover their nefarious intentions? Or will the Sorcerer King succeed in moving one step closer to his goals?

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