Witch Queen

SERIES: Witch Queen Series #6
RELEASE DATE: June 12, 2024

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Releases 15 May in author store and 12 June on all retailers

All Hail the Witch Queen…

In the wake of their tumultuous clash with the Sorcerer King and the Dark Council in Europe, Mae Jin and Nikolai Stanisic return to New York, only to find the city besieged by a string of grisly murders. With their adversary escalating the conflict, the stage is set for a final, cataclysmic showdown on their own turf.

For Oscar Beneventi, awakening from a lifetime ensnared in a nightmarish spell means facing the extremes of his father’s diabolical ambitions. Conscious that Vedran will bring darkness to the world if he succeeds in finding the Book of Shadows and the soul it contains, Oscar resolves to thwart his father’s machinations and aid Mae and Nikolai in their quest to defeat him.

With the Soul Reaper Queen missing, Mae persuades her most powerful allies to accompany her on a daring expedition to Hell, seeking to repair Hellreaver and unlock their true potential. Their descent into the underworld is fraught with danger and reveals long-hidden truths, forever altering Mae’s perception of her world.

As alliances are forged and battle lines drawn both on Earth and in the depths of Hell, Mae and her companions brace themselves for an apocalyptic clash against the Sorcerer King’s unholy forces. With time running out, can they execute their audacious plan and prevent the dawn of a new era of darkness?

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