The Bank Job

SERIES: Seventeen Series Short Stories #6
RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2015

Join two of the protagonists of Legacy on their very first adventure

1917. Chicago.

When internationally-renowned thief and Crovir immortal Howard Titus hears of a hoard of gold and cash about to land in the vault of the First Chicago Bank, he has only one thought in mind.

Getting his hands on the dough.

On the night he breaks into the bank to carry out his carefully-laid plan, the Crovir thief comes face to face with a man who challenges everything he thought he knew about the immortal races and all his plans for his future.

The Bank Job is a short story set in AD Starrling’s award-winning action thriller series Seventeen.


“As always Ms Starrling’s work is a delight to read.” Amazon review ★★★★★

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