The Hunger

SERIES: Seventeen Series Short Stories #5
RELEASE DATE: June 30, 2015

Discover the origin of the love story behind Empire

1695. Spanish Netherlands.

The war between King Louis XIV and the League of Augsberg reaches a pivotal moment at the Siege of Namur.

When the besieged French army starts to mount an increasingly fierce resistance, Bastian immortal Conrad Greene and his company of elite intelligence operatives are sent to Liège to track down the traitor supplying the enemy with stocks of a new, powerful gunpowder.

Frustrated at every turn, an unexpected visit from Conrad’s superior results in a surprising addition to his team. Can the captain resist his all-consuming attraction for immortal Laura Hartwell long enough to solve the mystery of the gunpowder plot?

The Hunger is a short story linked to Empire, the third novel AD Starrling’s award-winning action thriller series Seventeen.


“A.D. Starrling just cannot write a bad book. I have never read a book by her that has been bad or boring and The Hunger is no exception. I love Conrad and Laura and reading how they met was wonderful. She has another winner on her hands.” Amazon review ★★★★★

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