The Seventeen Collection 2: Seventeen Series Novels Books 4-6

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SERIES: Seventeen Series Collections
RELEASE DATE: August 15, 2018

Join the Immortals of the bestselling supernatural thriller series Seventeen and continue their adventures in this epic second collection. Includes Legacy, Origins, and Destiny.


The Hunter who should have been king. The Elemental who fears love. The Seer who is yet to embrace her powers. Three immortals whose fates are entwined with that of the oldest and most formidable enemy the world has ever faced.


The gifts bestowed by One not of this world, to the Man who had lived longer than most. The Empire ruled by a King who would swallow the world in his madness. The Warrior who chose to rise against her own kind in order to defeat him. Discover the extraordinary beginnings of the Immortals and the unforgettable story of the Princess who would become a Legend.


An enemy they never anticipated. A brutal attack that tears them apart. A chain of immutable events that will forever alter the future. Discover the destiny that was always theirs to claim.


“Tomb Raider meets Dan Brown!” Amazon Review ★★★★★

“Most. Kickass. Heroine. Ever.” Bambi Unbridled ★★★★★

“A must read for fans of action packed, supernatural thrillers!” Kindle Reviewer ★★★★★

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